Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wow, what an amazing summer this has been. We just got back from trek with our Stake where Joseph and I got to be Pa and Ma of 8 great kids. It was a great testimony building experience. We slept outside (no tents!!!)in burritos. And, the 3rd night it poured rain! All I could think about was the pioneers and the snow. I had nothing to complain about. My feet and back ached but I had 10 able bodied people in my family and they sometimes only had 1 or a few and they also had small children to deal with. (We had no one under 14!) We didn't have to pull through 18" of snow with only blankets to shelter them. We had our rain gear, extra shoes and great weather to trek in. We had cooks who fed us and we had potties.(I sorely missed running water and soap but had to be grateful for hand sanitizer) We did a women's pull and a kid's pull and pulled through 7 or 8 muddy bogs. My wet clothes and sleeping bag only reminded me of those people who gave ALL for their beliefs. It made me know that I can do likewise and just keep going no matter what I face. I will be courageous and obedient. I will walk and walk on the path of the gospel. I will never be the same after this experience. I am so blessed and grateful!


I wanted to put on a few more photos from our trip. We walked and walked around DC. Thanks to Karen and Dan planning our itinerary, we got to do most everything we would've wanted to! It was a great blessing having them to show us around and plan it all. We saw all the War Memorials, Lincoln and Washington Memorial, Mt. Vernon, The White House, Toured the Capital (underground bus and all), Ford Theatre, The Smithsonians, Old Towne, Arlington and the Changing of the Guard, (plus a special ceremony), The Holocaust Museum (where we went back twice more) we saw how our money is made and all the Historical Documents and even went on a Ghost Tour (me)and to a Washington Nationals Baseball Game(Joseph)! No wonder we were tired! But it was wonderful and I loved every minute of it. Our hotel location was great and we were close to the Metro. It was a perfect trip.


Joseph and I went on a wonderful trip to Washington DC with most of my family. I feel so blessed to have walked where great leaders of our country walked. I loved this trip! All the monuments, the museums, just being together and seeing history. I am still not sure what my favorite thing was, Mt. Vernon, Arlington, The Holocaust Museum? I loved going up in the Washington Monument and seeing everywhere we had been. I loved learning about everything.... I should've listened better in all my history classes!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Farewell Our Beloved Prophet

We have had a very emotional week with the passing of our Dear Prophet. We love him so much. He was such a good example. He did so much for the church, helping to get temples to dot the earth so everyone can participate in temple work. I am so grateful to have a temple so close so I can go so often. We are so blessed. We want to follow his example and "Put on our shoes and get to work" and remember, "It will all work out". We will miss his great leadership and power for good on the earth. We pray he is having a wonderful reunion with his dear wife Majorie and all who have gone before. Love you President Hinckley.

Our awesome missionary

Matt is doing so good. He loves Guam. He is very busy and loving the work. In his last few letters he keeps saying that he has never been happier. If you want to write to him this is his address:
Elder Matthew Bellitti
Micronesia Guam Mission
P.O. Box 21749 GMF
Barrigada, GU 96921

He says, "Life is amazing." In his last letter he said, "I have always believed that Gordon B. Hinckley was a prophet of God and I have received a spritual conviction that he was." His advice to us is to follow the Savior with more exactness.