Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wow, what an amazing summer this has been. We just got back from trek with our Stake where Joseph and I got to be Pa and Ma of 8 great kids. It was a great testimony building experience. We slept outside (no tents!!!)in burritos. And, the 3rd night it poured rain! All I could think about was the pioneers and the snow. I had nothing to complain about. My feet and back ached but I had 10 able bodied people in my family and they sometimes only had 1 or a few and they also had small children to deal with. (We had no one under 14!) We didn't have to pull through 18" of snow with only blankets to shelter them. We had our rain gear, extra shoes and great weather to trek in. We had cooks who fed us and we had potties.(I sorely missed running water and soap but had to be grateful for hand sanitizer) We did a women's pull and a kid's pull and pulled through 7 or 8 muddy bogs. My wet clothes and sleeping bag only reminded me of those people who gave ALL for their beliefs. It made me know that I can do likewise and just keep going no matter what I face. I will be courageous and obedient. I will walk and walk on the path of the gospel. I will never be the same after this experience. I am so blessed and grateful!

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Brianne said...

Thanks for posting this Mom! I am so glad that you and Dad were able to go and experience this. Trek definitely made a huge impact on me and made me more grateful for the pioneers. You look so cute in your pioneer attire! :)